Buffy Fanfiction  


Please be warned, all of my Buffy the Vampire Fiction so far is Wesley/Giles and most of it is Slash, unless otherwise noted.  If you are offended, disturbed or are not of age in your area to read about homosexual relationships, topics, and sometimes explicit sexual situations, between two consenting male adults, please turn back now.

by Andrew Levy

I Win!

Rated: PG-13
Category: Humor, PWP
Description: Willow wins, courtesy of Wesley and Giles!
Excerpt: I wasn't surprised...well, okay. I guess I was a little surprised.  I mean, it's not everyday you drop by Giles' place and there he is making with the tonsil hockey...

Holiday of Love

Rated: NC-17
Category: Humor, PWP, Smutt, Romance
Description: The children collaborate to give Giles a Valentine's Day present!
Excerpt: For a moment he debated whether or not he would actually go, or if he'd go and just not stay the entire weekend.  But the cryptic promise about another present within the hotel room intrigued him.